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Laser Photoplotters

SLEC - 1200

SLEC-1200 Laser Plotter is the middle-end laser plotting product, which is working with 4 beams laser light and 4000dpi resolution.
The exposure area of SLEC-1200 products is designed as 16” X 20”. It adopts the modern appearance design and the ABS material laser quick molding technology, which make the products elegant, light and hard. The product also adopts the microcomputer non-linear electronic correction technology in the structure precision controlling, which ensure the high precision and give the nonlinear precision compensation. LCD Chinese/English menu display provides operating convenience. Moreover, the friendly man-machine interface also makes operation easier. The intelligent management system realizes the auto film loading, auto vacuum inspection, laser light route adjustment and auto self- diagnosis functions.
To meet the customer’s requirement of improving production efficiency, SLEC-1200 can be upgraded to the 8 beams laser parallel scanning, which makes the scanning time 50% less, so it can improve the production efficiency about 50% more.
SLEC-1200 can be upgraded to SLEC-1288 directly





Scanning Structure

External Drum   


16" X 20" (406 X 508mm)



Positioning Precision

± 0.015mm

Min. Line Width and Space

2mil / 2mil

Scanning Speed

11.8 Minutes


8 Beams laser scanning

Light Source

He-Ne red laser lightwave length: 632.8nm

Spots Size


Applicable Film

Kodak ERN7; Agfa HTR3; Fuji Film HPR-7S  (thickness: 7mi)

Film Loading Mode

Semi-auto loading

Raster Image Processor

Software RIP

Working Environment

AC 220V + 2% ; Temp 20℃±10% ; Humidity 55±10%

Input/Output Data Format

RS-274X (Input data format)

TIFF/BMP/RID (Output data format)

Dimension (mm)