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Laser Photoplotters

SLEC - 5008

SLEC-5008 Laser Plotter is the high-end 8 beams laser plotting product, which is working at 4000dpi resolution. This model has the features of wide exposure size, high efficiency and high precision. It is suitable for the output of the film of high precision double sides, high-density multilayer PCB and LCD.

The exposure size of SLEC-5008 is designed as 20” X 26”, which meets the requirement of PCB patchwork film output. It adopts the modern appearance design and the ABS material laser quick molding technology, which make the products elegant, light and hard. The product also adopts the microcomputer non-linear electronic correction technology in the structure precision controlling, which ensure the high precision and give the nonlinear precision compensation. LCD Chinese/English menu display provides operating convenience. Moreover, the friendly man-machine interface also makes operation easier. The intelligent management system realizes the auto film loading, auto vacuum inspection, laser light route adjustment and auto self- diagnosis functions.






Scanning Structure

External Drum   


26" x 20"



Positioning Precision

± 0.015mm

Min. Line Width and Space

2mil / 2mil

Scanning Speed

7.4 Minutes


32 Beams laser scanning

Light Source

He-Ne red laser lightwave length: 632.8nm

Spots Size


Applicable Film

Kodak ERN7; Agfa HTR3; Fuji Film HPR-7S  (thickness: 7mi)

Film Loading Mode

Semi-auto loading

Raster Image Processor

Software RIP

Working Environment

AC 220V + 2% ; Temp 20℃±10% ; Humidity 55±10%

Input/Output Data Format

RS-274X (Input data format)

TIFF/BMP/RID (Output data format)

Dimension (mm)