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Multilayer Press

RMP 210 - Multilayer Press

This high performance multilayer press was designed for PCB labs to enable quick prototyping of multilayer PCBs of up to 6 or 8 layers according to industry standards. A compact and floor standing aluminium rack contains all parts of the unit including pressure supply, press plates and heaters. The large loading door that allows quick and easy access to the pressure part is of course security switch protected. A compressor, which is integral part of RMP 210 is stored in the back of the machine. In the front, you will find additional storage room for tools or boards (lower door). the unit is controlled by two digital and adjustable thermostates, one digital timer as well as a pressure valve with pressure meter. Two strong air ventilators activated automatically during cooling cycle.
  • Steps of multilayer poduction with RMP 210:

    • boards are pinned and stack is inserted into press plates
    • pressure is created
    • heater is activated
    • heating up procedure
    • press prodeedure at preset temperature
    • cooling down under pressure
    • PCB stack is taken out of the machine

    The sequence will take all at all approx. 3 hours. Gros size of the PCBs is 250 x 350 mm which will result in PCB net size of 210 x 300 mm.

Board size :

250 x 350 mm gros
210 x 300 mm net

Pressure: > 12 tons working
Temperature: 175 °C (adjustable)
Heating up :
about 30 min.
Pressure time :
about 60 min.
Cooling down : about 120 min.
Weight: 130 kg net
Power supply : 230 V~, 50 hz, 16 A
Machine size (W x D x H ): 65 cm x 65 cm x 130 cm
Technical details are subject to change without notice.