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Waste Water Treatment

IONEX - Waste Water Treatment

The name IONEX stands for IONEXchanger, which is the very heart of this modern waste water treatment system. In total it consists of a two-stage filtration, two ion-exchange and one PH-levelling units. IONEX is ideally suited for all waste water cleaning processes in modern PCB prototype laboratories. The drain water quality from this system is in accordance to German directives, which are of the highest standards world wide! The units exist in four variants with different sump capacities and ion exchange capacities.
  • Removal of solids and all heavy metals
  • Decrease of chemical oxygen demand
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Regeneration of ion exchange resins by supplier or by user at little cost
  • IONEX A and B perform additionally PH neutralization and discharge to the drain
  • IONEX K types offer additional Kation capture for full rinse water recycling
  • Built-in hose pump
  • Polyethylene filter candle, 10 µm
  • Lower and upper sump level control switch
  • Storage sump for 110 (IONEX A) or 220 litres (IONEX B) of waste water
Size (H x D x L): 1400 x 425 x 600 mm 1400 x 850 x 600 mm
Weight: 30 kg 60 kg
Tank capacity : max. 110 l max. 220 l
Cleaning capacity:: 10 l/h 15 l/h
Power supply: 230 V~, 50 Hz, 50 W 230 V~, 50 Hz, 100 W