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Photo Plotter

Film Star - Photo Plotter

Our FilmStar is a small raster photoplotter designed for users who need to make their quality film artwork at a low price and quickly on the spot. Beside Gerber files (both standard and extended), FilmStar also works simply with (hi-resolution) BMP files like those that you can export from standard software, say Corel Draw (tm)(R) or others. Although FilmStar is a small photoplotter it does a very good job. The astonishing low price is a result of both sophisticated design and low manufacturing cost.
  • Maximum film size: 400 mm x 320 mm
  • Maximum plotting area: 380 x 300 mm
  • Resolution X: 8 selections from 508 to 8192 dpi
  • Resolution Y: 8000 dpi
  • Plotting speed: 10 mm of film width / minute for 1016 dpi
  • Source of light: Laser diode 670 nm (red)
  • Data input: Gerber (RS 274D, RS 274 X), high resolution BMP
  • Photoplotter software, included on CD:
  • Gerber viewer; Automatic aperture converter for all known Electronic CAD layout systems
  • D-code editing, output preview & print
  • Interactive, absolute or relative image positioning, film and drill panelization
  • Negative plotting, image mirroring
  • Control software for Windows 98 ... XP included, USB connection required
  • Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 700x350x200 mm